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Windshield Waves…What Are They?

Is Your Windshield Wavy?

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Everything You Need to Know About Wavy Windshields

A pristine windshield doesn’t just make your car look great. It’s also essential for your safety. But if you have waves in your windshield, it’s a sure sign of a shoddy windshield installation. While everyone loves waves in the ocean, a wavy windshield isn’t as fun. Luckily, the windshield repair experts at T & T Hail Repair in Carmel, Indiana, are here to help. Below is everything you need to know about wavy windshields:

Why Does My Windshield Look Wavy?

Does your windshield look wavy or crooked? If so, it’s probably because of an incorrectly installed windshield. The wavy pattern can happen when your windshield has shifted or isn’t aligned properly.

If your windshield was installed incorrectly, it can make your car dangerous to drive. The wavy patterns can obstruct your view of the road ahead. Call the collision repair experts at T & T Hail Repair right away to fix the problem.

Signs of a Bad Windshield Installation

In addition to a wavy appearance, other signs of a bad windshield installation include:

  • Water leaks: Is rainwater making its way into your car through the edges of your windshield? If so, it probably needs to be replaced.
  • Rattling: One of the top signs that your windshield is loose is if it bounces or rattles when you drive. This is most likely to occur when you drive over a speed bump or pothole.
  • Wind sounds: Your windshield’s main responsibility is to protect you from heat, wind, and water as you drive. If you hear the sound of wind driving fast down the highway, you have poorly installed auto glass.
  • Protruding frame: If your car’s windshield wasn’t fitted properly, the glass can protrude from the frame.

Lastly, driving immediately after your windshield was replaced can lead to auto glass problems. While this may not be the windshield installer’s fault, you need to wait three to eight hours before driving your car to allow the new windshield to completely cure and harden.

Need Windshield Repair?

If your windshield is wavy or loose, call the technicians at T & T Hail Repair in Carmel, Indiana, today at (715) 934-9734. We’ll properly install your windshield and keep you safe.

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