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Three Most Common Auto Body Problems

From shopping carts bumping into your car door and causing a dent to fender benders at traffic lights, your car faces numerous threats everywhere it goes. Dents, chips in your auto paint, and scratches are not only eyesores, but they can decrease your vehicle’s resale value. That is why our collision repair experts at T & T Hail Repair in Carmel, Indiana, can fix it. They’ve seen it all, so they can fix it all!

Here are the three top auto body issues we see at our auto body shop.

  • 1. Fender Benders Fender benders happen when a car hits another vehicle from behind. It’s one of the most common types of auto accidents on the road. Depending on the force of the impact, a fender bender can damage your rear bumper, taillights, trunk, and quarter panel. Fender benders can happen at stop signs, traffic lights, and in rush-hour traffic. Need paintless dent repair after a fender bender? Call the experts at T & T Hail Repair today!
  • 2. Dents and Dings Your car can suffer from dings and dents whether it’s parked or you’re behind the wheel. Rogue shopping carts, heavy tree branches, and even hail can cause dings in your vehicle. Fortunately, our seasoned team can quickly take care of the problem. We specialize in door dents, hail damage, and more.
  • 3. Head-On Crashes One of the scariest things that can happen to a driver is a head-on collision. This happens when your car is hit from the front. Beyond being scary, a head-on car crash can cause damage to your front bumper, hood, fenders, headlights, and more. In the most extreme circumstances, your car could be wrecked beyond repair.

It’s important to have a professional technician inspect your car and identify any unseen damages that could jeopardize your safety.

Expert Auto Body Services in Carmel

If you’ve been involved in a car collision, contact the auto body repair professionals at T & T Hail Repair in Carmel, Indiana today. We’ll make your car look new once again! To learn more, call us at (715) 934-9734 now.

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